Flying animals to the UK
has everything you need to know

Vaccines -

All types of dogs and cats entering the UK are required to be vaccinated against rabies.
A dog or cat that is not vaccinated against rabies and will not find rabies antibodies in the blood tests will not be approved for entry into the UK.
It is recommended to vaccinate all animals against rabies but there is no mandatory rabies vaccine definition for all animals entering the UK except dogs and cats. Dogs are also required to undergo a series of worming treatments before entering the UK.

Electronic chip and identification tags -

Entry into the UK for dogs and cats is conditional on the carrying of an electronic chip only, and must contain all the 15-digit identification details of an animal that complies with ISO 11785 \
11784 .

Medical certificates and blood tests -

As with any destination country, the UK also has a list of requirements to approve your pet’s entry into its lands.
A comprehensive medical examination is mandatory for all animals before arriving in the UK
. , No queues, and no unnecessary headaches. After the comprehensive inspection we will issue for you the necessary documents and approvals for the flight.

when do we start?

The Sky Pats Play team recommends starting the process about four months before the UK arrival date.
We will accompany you throughout the process, with any question, and anywhere.