Pet flying cages

Flying with a pet?

Flight cages must be approved by the airlines in accordance with the requirements set for the pets’ welfare. Depending on the size of the animal, the cage must be provided in accordance with the airlines’ requirements.
It’s important to purchase / rent the most suitable flight cage for your pet’s journey in order to protect your pet and its wellbeing throughout the flight.

How to choosing a flight cage?

According to the airline’s requirements, we measure the pet for you and select the safest cage. The Sky Pets team chooses quality cages with multiple vents so that your pet will be able to fly with maximum comfort and safety.

Where to buy a flight cage?

The Sky Pets team offers a wide range of flight cages that meet the most stringent standards and are suitable for all airlines. All our flight cages are approved by the International Airlines Organization and are tailored to your pet with an emphasis on maximum safety and comfort.

Flying with a pet in the cabin?

Sky Pets will be happy to take care of your pet while flying in the cabin! A variety of soft bags that meet the most stringent standards are available for immediate purchase / rental. Sky Pets specializes in flying pets around the world, including ensuring that all the necessary requirements for that destination are met. We will issue the necessary documents through veterinarians who specialize in the flight process, and select the right flight cages that are appropriate for your pet (if necessary). We provide transfers to and from the airport, and even a pet boarding house as accommodation. So what are you waiting for? Do you need a plane ticket for your dog? Are you flying abroad with a pet? Talk to us!