Requirements for Mauritius

Requirements for Mauritius

Regulatory requirements for bringing pets into Mauritius are defined by the local veterinary authorities in Mauritius. All exact veterinary and regulatory requirements may vary depending on the animal’s place of origin and destination. Therefore, it is recommended to check the current transit policy of Mauritius and contact the local authorities for precise instructions. Here are some general regulatory requirements for bringing pets into Mauritius:

Health certificate:

You must present a health certificate to the veterinarian in the animal’s country of origin. The certificate should include information about the animal’s current vaccinations and its state of health.


The pets should be vaccinated against diseases such as rabies, six-point for dogs and square for cats, blood test for anti-rabies, blood test for brucella and more. In addition, an import license must be issued prior to the flight and set in front of the quarantine (5 days of quarantine from the moment of landing) To Mauritius it is possible to fly only in the cargo procedure and without an owner’s escort.