VIP services accompanied by airborne

VIP services with airborne attendant

Our VIP service for an airborne attendant was established with one goal – to ensure that your pet arrives safely at the destination and that you have an excellent service experience.

 An airline attendant will ensure that your pet gets top-priority treatment on the flight (just being present), and will take care of your pet throughout the process. There are a number of scenarios that can transpire while flying your pet, which an airborne attendant can take care of.

First scenario - Connection flights

If you have chosen a flight with a connection, some countries may not allow your pet to enter or will require documents / approvals / vaccinations in order to process the pet’s arrival and transfer him/her to the next flight. In these cases, we will accompany your pet on a direct flight to the same destination, and if there is no direct flight we will plan an optimal flight route for your pet to arrive at the desired destination.

Second scneario - in the UAE

Perhaps your flight date has arrived and you started the pet flying process too late. What do you do?
You can fly with peace of mind to the destination of your choice on the date you closed, and a Sky Pets air attendant will bring you your beloved pet in the fastest and safest way.

Cargo - flying in the belly of the plane

A pet that flies unaccompanied will fly in a cage in the belly of the plane (cargo) to the desired destination. Flying cargo is often more expensive and not as good of an experience for the pet.
Sky Pets specializes in flying pets around the world, including ensuring that all the necessary requirements for that destination are met. We will issue the necessary documents through veterinarians who specialize in the flight process, and select the right flight cages that are appropriate for your pet (if necessary). We provide transfers to and from the airport, and even a pet boarding house as accommodation.
So what are you waiting for? Do you need a plane ticket for your dog? Are you flying abroad with a pet? Talk to us!