flight cages

Difference between a pet flying cage and a regular cage

A pet flight cage is a special type of cage designed for flying pets on airplanes. The main difference between a normal cage and a pet flight cage is in their planning and programming in order to match the flight and safety needs accepted by the airlines.
Here are some of the main differences:
Size and Dimensions: A pet flight cage may be smaller than a standard cage to accommodate space limitations on the plane. Moreover, unique and lightweight materials are used to build the cage to minimize weight and not interfere with the aircraft’s structure.
Construction Materials: The pet flight cage is made of materials that are resistant to air safety requirements, such as hard plastic and a metal gate.

Legality and compliance with regulations: The pet flight cage is created in accordance with the aviation rules and regulations of the IATA organization
The fit of the flight cage will vary according to the policy of the airline where the flight is carried out and according to the size of the pet. In fact, the flight regulations and suitability for flight cages are defined by the aviation authorities in each country.
Size and dimensions: the airlines limit the size and dimensions of the flight cages according to the size of the planes, they may determine the maximum height of the cage, its depth, width and height.

Construction materials: The aviation authorities may set certain requirements for the construction materials of the cage, including materials that are suitable for flying in an airplane, light weight and resistant to the conditions of the airplane.
Doors and locking: The cage must contain a door or opening for the pet to enter and exit, which is adjusted to lock securely to prevent opening during flight, closing with screws and vents.