New regulations for bringing a pet into the United States

Starting August 1, 2024, there will be new regulations for importing dogs into the US. Here are the main requirements:

1. **Age and Health**: All dogs must be at least six months old and appear healthy upon arrival in the US.

2. **Microchip**: Dogs must be implanted with an ISO compliant microchip for identification purposes.

3. **Vaccination and documentation**:
– Dogs from countries considered at high risk for rabies should have a foreign rabies vaccination certificate and a Microchip form. This form must be certified by an official veterinarian in the exporting country.
– Dogs must have a valid vaccination against rabies. If this is the first vaccination or if coverage has expired, it must be given at least 28 days before arrival in the US.
– Dogs also need a rabies serological titer test if coming from high-risk countries, unless they have a 28-day quarantine order at a CDC-registered animal care facility.


4. **CDC Dog Import Form**: This form must be completed online, and you must travel with a receipt for submission.

5. **PORTS OF ENTRY**: Dogs from high-risk countries can only enter through US ports that have a CDC quarantine station and a CDC-registered animal care facility.

These regulations are designed to protect both public health and animal welfare by preventing the reintroduction of rabies and other canine diseases to the U.S. The CDC emphasized the importance of these measures following cases of documented dog importation fraud in the past.

For detailed guidance and to ensure compliance with all requirements, it is recommended to consult with our company (give a link to our website).