Blood test for rabies antibodies

What is a rabies antibody test?

Rabies antibody blood test (or Rabies titer test55) is a test that is used to measure the level of antibodies that exist in the body to a certain disease, such as rabies. The test defines the level of antibodies in the dog’s blood sample and provides a measure of its immune system against the specific disease.

Antibody testing is done by analyzing the blood sample and measuring the level of certain antibodies in it through various types of experiments and tests in the laboratory. The results of the test are used to determine the level of the dog’s vaccination against rabies, and in some cases may influence decisions regarding the vaccination or the entry policy to different countries.

With the help of the antibody test, it is possible to determine if the dog has a high level of antibodies and is therefore properly vaccinated, or if he needs an additional vaccination in order to increase the level of antibodies in the body. In this way, it is possible to assess the dog’s level of protection against the disease and to determine whether it may be at repeated risk of rabies.

A rabies antibody test is done in a laboratory and is carried out by a team of veterinarians or skilled technicians

in the field of veterinary diagnostics. They receive the sample of the pet’s blood and perform the appropriate tests on the sample in the laboratory. The test results are forwarded to your veterinarian or veterinary assistant for interpretation and evaluation of the results. The veterinarian will explain and examine the results and advise on the desired action according to the results obtained.

It is recommended to contact a veterinary clinic to schedule a rabies antibody test and ask the veterinarian about the exact process. The laboratory where the test will be carried out in Israel is Beit Dagan.